Altamus is a full service regional property management firm. The clients we serve entrust us with their investments because we execute on the promise— Your Property. Our Priority. We recognize that property management is both an art and a science. Achieving success requires an organization with specialized knowledge in delivering creative and practical management solutions. The Altamus vision is to apply an ownership mindset to the properties we manage while simultaneously executing on our mission to mitigate client risk and enhance the intrinsic value of those properties.

Property Types Served:

  • Retail
    • Community Centers
    • Neighborhood Centers
    • Grocery Anchored
    • Strip/Convenient
    • Free Standing
    • Lifestyle
  • Office
    • Class A
    • Class B
    • Central Business District (CBD)
    • Suburban Business Park
    • Medical Office Buildings (MOB)
    • Single-Tentant Buildings
    • Multi-Tenant Buildings
  • Industrial
    • Manufacturing
    • Light Assembly
    • Flex
    • Warehouse
  • Residential
    • Apartments
    • Association
    • Multi-Family
  • Mixed Use
    • Lifestyle
    • Artist Work Retail
  • Other
    • Restaurant
    • Hospitality (Boutique)
    • Land
    • Condominium


Leadership is the ability to translate vision into reality but it requires a potent combination of strategy, execution and character. We believe your property’s success is directly proportional to our leadership efforts, which is why the ALTAMUS team has an unwavering commitment to demonstrate these attributes at every opportunity.

Wes Reinhardt
Eddie Dewey
Jeff Ream
Craig Hopkins
Amber Ammons
Donna Audino
Patricia Lee
Michelle McGee
Amanda Newsome
Carey Chandler
Vincent Stroupe
Nick Chernous
Jerry Trantham


corporate philosophyThe genesis for Altamus unknowingly started when Wes Reinhardt and Edward Dewey first met in 2005.  Working as brokers at one of the regions top commercial real estate firms, they often collaborated in analyzing the market, finding new opportunities and servicing their clients.  Both observed an increasing demand for professional property management and noted the limited supply of capable providers.  They casually shared a belief that this was an untapped business opportunity.  However, they remained focus on other pursuits within the real estate industry.

In 2007, Wes was recruited to become Director of Leasing and Marketing for a privately held real estate company where he oversaw investments in retail, office, hospitality, mixed-use and land.  In 2009, Eddie launched Dewey Property Advisors to focus on brokerage services and investment sales.  By 2014 they both achieved noted success pursuing their individual paths.  Wes had grown within his organization, rising to the position of Vice President and Partner.  Eddie had grown DPA into the regions preeminent boutique commercial real estate firm advising clients in a multitude of disciplines.

At the height of his corporate success, Wes recognized that he could no longer ignore his visceral desire to create and manage his own business.  He shared his entrepreneurial ambitions with Eddie.  That conversation initiated a discovery process that led the duo to recognize property management was still an underserved necessity in the marketplace. The two real estate veterans soon realized the diversity of their experiences coupled with their synergistic skills and mutually shared business values was the perfect foundation to build a management company.

Today, the founding partners jointly drive the Altamus vision and mission.  Wes Reinhardt is President and oversees the day-to-day management functions for the company.  He is hyper focused on finding operational efficiencies and uncovering hidden value in the assets they manage.  Eddie Dewey serves as Vice President and plays a critical role in delivering a platform of management services that consistently exceed client expectations. Together, they have made Altamus a management company that truly believes– Your property. Our priority.


corporate philosophyWhen we first envisioned ALTAMUS, our purpose was to build a real estate management company different from the others. Being real estate veterans, we analyzed our strengths against the competitive landscape. We realized we had already proven “what” we are capable of and “how” to execute. In fact, we could point to our accomplishments throughout the region. But in establishing a newfound venture into property management, we had to ask ourselves the most important question of all: “Why?”

Why do we want to be in this business? The answer: Entrepreneurial fulfillment and a desire to serve clients on a higher, more satisfying level.

Why will people hire us? The answer: Shared values will yield a remarkable value proposition.

Why will our company succeed? The answer: Earned trust and the enduring value of loyalty will lead to success. That’s how we will build a real estate management company different from the rest.

Eliminating tired business platitudes and run-on corporate accomplishments; we fully embrace the “Why” of property management, knowing that the “How” and the “What” will follow naturally. As a result, it’s the “Why” that represents our corporate philosophy.

We ask “Why?” both inwardly to ourselves and outwardly to our clients because it’s truly the best way to know if we can achieve each other’s expectations. We believe the “Why?” is the first critical step to inspiring relationships, innovative leadership and purposeful accomplishments.

When goals are aligned, relationships run deeper, have greater significance and ultimately become the true measure of worth in any business – just as in life.


  • Commercial Investment Realty Association of WNC
  • Institute of Real Estate Management
  • International Council of Shopping Centers


how we give backWinston Churchill once said, “We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.” At Altamus, the ideals of human fulfillment, higher service, shared values and enduring trust are the same guiding principles that shape our philanthropic endeavors. In business as in life, we seek to have an impact.

Therefore, we believe focused generosity should be transformative. As property professionals, we know that all real estate is local so it seems natural and most meaningful to keep our charitable contributions local.

As a result, we give our time, knowledge and resources where we can make a measurable impact on the same community in which we work and live.

Among the local charities we support:


asheville habitat for humanity