Company Philosophy

When we first envisioned ALTAMUS, our purpose was to build a real estate management company different from the others. Being real estate veterans, we analyzed our strengths against the competitive landscape. We realized we had already proven “what” we are capable of and “how” to execute. In fact, we could point to our accomplishments throughout the region. But in establishing a newfound venture into property management, we had to ask ourselves the most important question of all: “Why?”

Why do we want to be in this business? The answer: Entrepreneurial fulfillment and a desire to serve clients on a higher, more satisfying level.

Why will people hire us? The answer: Shared values will yield a remarkable value proposition.

Why will our company succeed? The answer: Earned trust and the enduring value of loyalty will lead to success. That’s how we will build a real estate management company different from the rest.

Eliminating tired business platitudes and run-on corporate accomplishments; we fully embrace the “Why” of property management, knowing that the “How” and the “What” will follow naturally. As a result, it’s the “Why” that represents our corporate philosophy.

We ask “Why?” both inwardly to ourselves and outwardly to our clients because it’s truly the best way to know if we can achieve each other’s expectations. We believe the “Why?” is the first critical step to inspiring relationships, innovative leadership and purposeful accomplishments.

When goals are aligned, relationships run deeper, have greater significance and ultimately become the true measure of worth in any business – just as in life.

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